Unified platform for industrial data & AI insights

Empower your decision-making with Vaiota’s AI-driven insights. Our plug-and-play hardware and intuitive software ecosystem revolutionize how industries monitor, analyze, and act.

70% of industrial data is not collected & analysed

Downtimes, loss of resource & revenue

Lack of background data prevents appropriate resource allocation, downtimes causing loss of revenue.

Predictability, productivity & improvements

Absence of comprehensive & traceable machine data hinders predictability, and scope of productive improvements.
Vaiota offers a seamless, end-to-end solution for capturing, analyzing, and acting on data across your operations. As hardware-software experts with excellence in power efficiency and data analytics, we see clarity, where most see complexity,

Vaiota's Hardware-Software ecosystem for industrial monitoring & AI insights

Your partner for collecting and transforming industrial data to actionable insights for a wiser allocation of resources and informed decision making 

AI prompts & Notification

Cloud/Edge engines to convert complex multidimensional data to actionable insights for AI assisted decision making.

Modern, Plug & Play

Built in modern connectivity - WIFI 6, BLE 5.3 & Zigbee with robust IP68 casing and NFC based quick provisioning.

Power efficient

Consumes 0.1W for continuous data collection and transmission, & 0.01W with 10 minutes sending interval.

Product features



Industrial data collection from factory floor to analytics and mobile notifications managed by one platform providing an efficient, secure and robust integration of OT with your enterprise IT

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Your partner for an end-end industrial data & AI solutions.

We are core-tech company that believes in building the most power efficient hardwares for data collection and the simple yet powerful data handling stack for cloud/edge with user dashboard. 


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